Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Visual Update

Like I mentioned in my previous post, much has been going on lately. We did the photoshoot for the album on November 30 at a sweet house just south of Nashville. Jacob and I were honored to be a part of our good friends' wedding mid-December. We were at Liberty for Winterfest on the 30 and McLean Bible Church for New Year's Eve. Deborah Evans Price wrote a column on me for the January 5 edition of Billboard Magazine. And we shot my very first music video January 11 in Nashville. I had to walk down the sidewalk singing the song which had been sped up 200x, trying not to trip over my feet or forget the words coming at warp speed. This kind of treatment allows the director to slow the video down to regular tempo so it appears that I'm singing with the track but everything else around me is slow motion. Fun times. Here's the proof:

Oceanway Studio in Nashville.

Virginia showing us how it's done.

Shooting the music video for "You're Not Alone."

The ever talented director, Ash Greyson.

With Shellie and Virginia who were also in the video.

My favorite columnist, Deborah Evans Price.

New Year's Aid at McLean Bible Church.

Ringing in the New Year Paramore style.

My sweet friends, Becky and Kristi.

Jacob and me...first Christmas.

The night before Becky and Josh got hitched.


Baby Leino said...

Looks like '07 ended with quite a bang for you...just think of all the joys '08 holds in store! Brings a smile to my face to see all of God's great plans for you unfolding in the most beautiful way. Can't wait to see your video :)


Kristi said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there-- we went to LU at the same time..and I saw your blog from some random Facebook connection. Congrats on all that is going on... We just had Ash Greyson and Chris Sligh at our church, my husband and I went to lunch with them ....and Ash seemed like a really neat guy with some really unique ideas, I am sure you video will be awesome. Such a small world out there!! Take care

AngL said...

Love all the pics! Your friends on the West Coast are excited bout the new cd! Been makin everyone listen to your new songs n they love 'em! Happy Birthday! Love ya, Ange

Shellie said...

I had great fun doing the video shoot with you Meredith! It is exciting being a part of what God is doing! He is going to use you greatly! May He bless you and your sweet Jacob!

Shellie H.

Masha said...

awesome. i love paramore! its awesome to see a reference to them!