Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sonia: Courageous Love

I first noticed Sonia because of the green chiffon shawl she had draped across her left shoulder, covering her left arm. She was a beautiful Latina with her dark auburn-tinted hair pulled to one side in a loose pony tail and except for her shawl, she was dressed in all white. Though there was a hint of fine lines around her weary eyes, they revealed a beauty and solace that can only come from living a life spent loving. Sonia has a heroic story to say the least, and just by watching her it made me want to really do something with my life. 

Sonia lived in the United States during the 80's but felt that her heart was being drawn back to her homeland of the Dominican Republic to start a home for abandoned children. She obeyed the voice of the Lord and stepped out in faith in hopes of rescuing orphans. She knew that the children would not show up at her door step all at once, so she dedicated her days to going out and looking for abandoned kids. She started looking close to the Haiti border and one day found a little 9-month-old girl crawling around the trash dump, searching for food with the dogs. Sarita was one of the first children that Sonia brought back to the orphanage, and she is now a healthy and happy teenager. Early on in Sonia's rescue mission, she had found a few girls who had been sold into trafficking and was bringing them back to the orphanage. While en route to La Romana, a cow ran out in front of their car and they were in a very bad accident. All the children were fine, but Sonia lost her left arm, in her mind, a sacrifice well worth the lives of the girls she so valiantly brought out of the sex trade. She now wears a shawl over where her left arm used to be, a reminder to all of us that we must bravely love no matter what the cost. There are now about 120 girls living in Sonia's home for children, girls that now have a future because of one woman's courageous love.

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Vern said...


Congratulations on all the new beginnings going on in your life...a record deal and a wedding...Wow!!

When you - Brandon and Aaron came to San Antonio I was part of the Promotions team taking care of things that day.
We had such a sweet time with you all and look forward to when you can return!

I am glad I discovered you had a blog and want to encourage you with this stirring that is going on in your heart. Your posts are a beautiful description about what you are experiencing and what God is doing simultaneously in is something that has been stirring on my heart to...I've got a lump in my throat right now. I know I need to put into action what I am sensing.

Be Inspired as you walk with Jesus and keep sharing your stories about the lovely people He has ordained for you to cross paths with...The messages are powerful and will affect many!