Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ready, Set, LIVE.

Today is my 25th birthday. A quarter of a century. Officially an adult. Exactly a year ago today, I distinctly remember waking up in a Houston hotel room, and no sooner had I opened my eyes I sensed the Lord saying something to me. Yes, Lord? "This is the Year." That was all I got. Was my mind playing tricks on me? No, it was too early in the morning for my brain to conjure up a complete sentence, much less one that had to do with the days ahead. The Spirit was speaking, ever so gently. And with His whisper, my mind began to wander to the endless possibilities of all that statement could entail. When I inquired to know more, it was like I just knew that God was about to reveal the answers to so many questions I had asked for most of my young adult life and to shed light on a path that I never could have found the strength to walk down on my own. And all this occurred before I had even gotten out of bed. 

And what a year it was. A year of opportunity. A year of decisions. A year of relationships, old and new. This morning as I awoke, I was immediately brought back to January 19, 2007, that fateful morning when God dropped something into my spirit that would bare fruit in the coming days and cause me to live my life in a constant state of expectation and wonder over all that the Lord was so sovereignly accomplishing in my life. But I must say, as I sat on the edge of my bed and turned over all the events of my 24-year-old life, I was at a loss. Maybe it's the constant reminder I see on television and magazine ads and storefront windows that youth is something to be coveted but, in reality, can never be held on to for very long. It is fleeting. Our very lives are slipping through our fingers. Or maybe I'm at a turning point, the question looming overhead, "where do we go from here?" After a year of such blessing and change, now what? I haven't a clue. Truth be told, I wanted to be awakened ever so sweetly by the same prompting, a promise I could cling to for the coming year, something...ANYTHING. 

But I know my God and I will trust Him even when He is silent. I know the way He cares for His children, the way He cares for me. I know His faithfulness and the ways that He has proven it over and over in my life. I know His mercies, how they wash over me with each new day. I know that what He says is truest of true, and I can stake my very life on the foundation of His Word. Thank You, Jesus. Each new day is full of the richest promises. Promises that cannot be broken. Promises spoken from the Father's heart to ours. Hallelujah. 

So bring it on, 25. I am not afraid to be surrounded by uncertainty anymore. It only increases my faith. I am not afraid to be another year older. Each day is a gift. I aspire to walk by the Spirit at all times, loving and living and giving and serving with every fiber of my being, every minute, every single day, knowing that each day is only moving me closer to the Day of all days, when I will finally see His face. But there's no time to waste, our time here is limited. Ready, set, LIVE.


MilePost13 said...

Congrats again (I just wrote on you FB wall). And, thank you so much for linking the blog!!

David said...


I am the college pastro for the church he concert was at...I wanted to thank you again for signing the CD for my neice Makenzie. And my wide and I pray all goes with the soon coming wedding. I am sure you are stoked. I also wanted to know you, Aaron, and Brandon made my last post. My blog is "Thoughts on Christ, Culture and Community" Here is what the entry said:

Saturday, April 5, 2008
You just never know...

Sorry I missed the blog yesterday. I had the honor of running Aaron Shust, Brandon Heath, and Meredith Andrews around T-Town. They held a concert at The Assembly at Broken Arrow. It was a great night. But this leads me into the statment that you never know why something happens the way it does until all the pieces fall into place in the end. Here is what I mean...

Meredith is new to the touring scene and I found out that we had something in common. She is the worship leader for James McDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL. While living outside of Shy Town and doing innercity-style youth ministry about four years ago, I heard James McDonald on Moody Radio. He has a program called Walk in the Word. Since then I have listened to the broadcast or podcast on a weekly basis. Even more than that, years ago I began pattering my preaching and teaching style around the ways and manners I have heard Pastor James speak. Meredith told me how cool it was to work with him and the church...I just thought it was cool to meet someone on staff of a church that has influenced me and doesn't even know it. Pastor James, keep on doing your thing and Meredith, thanks for making conversation with God continue to increase your territory!

Although it makes for a long day running people around where they need to go, it was worth it in the end. I made a new friend, God reminded me of my call to be a servant, and I met a staffer of Harvest Bible Fellowship. What a rockin' cool day it was. Oh, and Meredith. If you happen to read this blog, thanks for signing the CD for my niece's birthday. You are going to make her day special!

So, who has God put in your path lately? Maybe it is not someone as famous as Aaron Shust or Meredith Andrews, but God put them in your path for a purpose. Don't miss that purpose for anything. You never know what God is doing until all the pieces fall together in the end. Think about it...

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